FrontPage - from r19 to r20

Welcome to //reviki// -- a Subversion-backed Wiki!

//reviki// is a Java web application.

The content is being stored at

Helpful links:

* A SetupGuide for getting started with your own installation of reviki.
* [[FeatureList|Features]] and [[TodoList|planning]].
* A TechnicalOverview
* Source code... coming as soon as I arrange an SVN dump.

* Downloads... nothing yet. Soon you will be able to build your own from SVN.

You might also be interested in OtherSVNBackedWikis.

This reviki deployment is read-only. Development has concentrated on wiki use within organizations and some features necessary for public wikis, e.g. anti-spam, support for anonymous users or user sign-up are not present.

-- MattHillsdon